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Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Review.

As I have told you in the last post I have gotten Halo Wars, and with Halo Wars I got the Mythic Map Pack for Halo 3. And today I will review them for you.
First of all I would like to talk about the Achievements and skulls, they are way to easy to get, moving
on. Texture -wise they look great, lots of detail and a huge line of sight. All the additions such as the scarabs being assembled overhead in Assembly, and the giant laser towers in Sandbox are some of the many things that make the maps entertaining.The very first map is Assembly, which is a symmetrical map and very Covenant tech tier looking. Assembly is a medium sized map that has some bad weapon spawns and regular player spawns. All the power weapons are basically in the middle and all the other team has to do to win is sit right outside the other team’s base and spawn kill. Overall this map is good for almost all slayer game types, but not so much objective based games. Second is Orbital, which takes place on a UNSC space station. Orbital is an asymmetrical map that is great for CTF, Neutral bomb, and Team Swat. Orbital is not one of the great maps we were looking for, but it’s good enough. Last but definitely not the least is Sandbox, the forge playground where you can delete and make anything. This is a map maker’s heaven. There are 3 layers to this map, the main, the basement(or crypt), and the top which overlooks the main layer. The top layer really makes me mad, because obviously you have limited supplies, but to make a full platform that would allow you to make a proper level on this you would need more than what you have, way more. There are many new forge items with the map pack as well, such as kill balls and 7 woods. Overall the map pack is great for playing just about any game type. There are now a whole bunch of forged maps already being made, which extends the life even more than any other maps. The only let downs are the achievements, some weapon placements, and some spawn locations. But If you were on the edge of spending 10 bucks on this, then go out and buy it and support Bungie. After all, they gave out more map packs than just about any other game that is remotely good. So the final verdict is…8.5 out of 10
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