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Red Faction: Guerilla Review

Written by, PooAlOvaUrDream

I recently got my hands on another game, Red Faction Guerrilla. This game is good, but if you’ve lost interest in most other multiplayer games (Cod 4, Gears 2, Gta 4, and Halo 3) then this game is right up your alley. I’ve got to say the single player story is uninteresting, for one, it’s repetitive and it does’nt give you any sense of obligation. For about an hour I just wandered around because I did’nt feel motivated to attempt any missions in the story. If anything I’d call this a destruction mode because the story is lacking any sort of depth. Next off is the multiplayer, which I might say is the reason to buy the game. The game allows up to 16 players and includes an interesting feature, backpacks, which bestow different powers on you. With purposes of locomotion, destruction, attack, and defense. Another great thing about this game is the variety of the game modes from a simple team death match to my personal favorite, siege, which is a game mode where two teams (attackers and defenders) try to attack or defend a group of buildings. With the usage of backpacks, the game provides a horde of different ways to play it and that’s what makes this game a buy. Red Faction gets a 9.0 out of 10

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