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Hey, guys.

I’m the new writer in town. My name’s Callum, but you can call me whatever you want based on how much you like my articles.

I’m 15, live in Australia, and I’ve been a gamer for about 10 years now. My first console was a Nintendo 64, and my first game was Donkey Kong 64 (which I still love to this day).

My console of choice for this generation was the Xbox 360. It’s the mid-point between the Wii’s affordability, and the PS3’s excellent specs. I also use a PC, but I’m more of a console gamer. I still have quite a few PC games, and a Steam account that I use every day. I still prefer my 360 for gaming, though. It’s just easier.

My top 5 games of all time are:

1. Donkey Kong Country: Diddy’s Kong Quest
2. Super Mario World
3. Half-Life 2
4. Donkey Kong 64
5. Call of Duty 4

I’m guessing that this list is going to change once Modern Warfare 2 is released.

When I’m not gaming, I’m either drumming or practicing Parkour. I’m also an actor.

There you go. That’s the lowdown on me. I hope the time I spend here at GiaN is worthwhile, and you guys get a kick out of reading my articles.

– Callum

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