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Torchlight: Late Review [UPDATE]

Along with the Livestream videos I put up of Torchlight, I am also going to write a review. For those that don’t know, Torchlight is a Diablo-esk game with loot, levels, skills, magic, summons and much more. There are alot of weapons but there are only a few weapon types. The art style is very similar to Fable 2, and if you have ever played a game called Fate on the computer (it comes with most gateway computers) then it is extremely similar. The combat is satisfying, especially when your character is decked out in the best spells, armor, and weapons. The story is very much, go do this, can you get this for me, kill that guy. The dungeons are connected to one another so you only have to go one place to go to all. The way that you travel from place to place is by portals, and you can open up town portals anywhere in the dungeons to go to and from town. The pet is pretty effective and a great partner. When you teach your pet spells and feed it fish, it becomes extremely powerful and will kill alot of the enemies for you. Torchlight overall is a very satsfying game and there isnt anything that I can think of to complain about. So, Torchlight gets a well deserved 10 out of 10. If you are waiting for Diablo 3, or just wanting another point and click hack and slash, pick up Torchlight for the PC, it’s definatly worth you time.

Editors note: Also its only 20 bucks. to buy click on the title.

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