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BFBC2 Multiplayer Demo – Impressions

The public demo for Battlefield Bad Company 2’s multiplayer was relased last Thursday on PSN and Xbox Live and since then I have put several hours into it so far and I feel I’m ready to give my opinions on it.

Firstly the demo gives you access to one map, one game mode, four classes and around 8 vehicles. The map is a snow map called Port Valdez arranged in a straight path next to a large river. The game modes that can be played is rush with 32 players, basically Gold Rush but you are no longer fighting over gold crates, instead M-Com stations. There really isn’t any difference. The attackers parachute in at the top of a large hill into a base filled with vehicles. They then rush down the hill in an attempt to destroy the two M-Com stations. However there is a respawn cap for the attackers, all the defenders have to do is hold the two stations as they whittle down the attackers. If they are not successful in defending the two stations they have to retreat to the next base and the attacker’s respawn count is reset. This continues up 3 more bases along the edge of the map, each one giving the defenders a more advantageous position. It’s a solid game mode that encourages teamwork.

Now lets talk vehicles and weapons. The demo allows you access to four classes, an assault class, a medic class, an anti-tank class and a sniper class. Each class has a primary, secondary weapon. A primary specialist item and a secondary specialist item. As well as three slots for extra abilities and items, similar to perks. In the demo only one was available, alternate vehicles fire such as a driver controlled MG for the tank. The assault class has a standard assault rifle, the medic an LMG, the anti-tank class an SMG and the sniper class, well, a sniper rifle. Each of these weapon types has several variants, although only one alternative was unlocked in the demo. The secondary weapons in the demo consisted of a pistol or a tracer dart. Speciality weapons vary, the assault class sports a rifle mounted grenade launcher and ammo packs to give out to the team. The medic has a defibrillator to revive  downed team mates and  health packs. The anti-tank class has an RPG and a vehicles repairing item while the sniper gets C4 explosives and  motion detection grenades. However the really special thing is that weapons can be swapped out. Not all, you can’t equip the sniper class with an assault rifle but you can if you want trade that rifle for a shotgun and get in close with the C4. This is true for secondary weapons also, think you’d be better off with the tracer dart as an anti-tank class? Fine. I imagine this will also be true of the 3 “perk” slots which will further serve as customisation tools for how you play. It’s definitely a step in the right direction but we’ll wait but we’ll have to wait till March to see the full impact.

The game is also famed for it’s vehicles combat and they have not let us down. The demo features a standard heavy tank, a lighter one and an anti-aircraft tank. It also includes the stand troop transport armoured car as well as an ATV with space for two soldiers. These all handle well and the controls have been tweaked slightly to make it easier to control the land vehicles. However the demo also features 3 helicopters. The first is the attack helicopter from the first game, the second is a American Helo complete with twin chain guns. The third is probably my favourite addition, a mini UAV helicopter. It is contolled at a little station at the attackers base and is really fun. You can use it to recon the enemy base, advising your teammates about RPG’s, gun emplacements and snipers. You can also call in Hellfire missiles to take out any of any of those or do a good amount of damage to enemy tanks. The helicopter controls have also been refined, flying is still a b*tch and takes practice but it’s a little easier for Bad Company newbies. One complaint about the vehicles is that the attackers get the lion’s share, and it does feel occasionally like you’re a bit outgunned.

Another addition is the improved destruction system which is really slick. The problem with BFBC’s sytem was that it was too powerful after a few minutes every building in the defender’s base would have been stripped bare leaving no cover at all. Now the destructive environments have been toned down and made more subtle. You can no longer destroy a house with a couple of hand grenades, that’s not to say a tank won’t make a dent but this buildings are going to stick around longer. The destructible environments are now more detailed. You can now blow a small hole in a concert barrier and fire through it while using the rest of the wall as cover. Now, instead of an entire wall collapsing if the edge broke off, they can slowly be broken down with holes being created where they are hit. Interestingly buildings can now also be completely destroyed. It may seem a step in the opposite direction but it’s implemented well and running out of a building  just before it collapses is awesome. One complaint would be that some things that should be destrucible aren’t, I noticed while in a heavy tank that I couldn’t run over these metal highway barriers on either side of the road. Even though it’s rare it can be very frustrating.

However the demo does bring up some issues, the main being that squads are still in fours with no proximity or team chat. That means if you’ve got in that UAV and are calling out sniper locations it’s only going to help out 4 men instead of the full 16. It stifles team communication and strategy, which is really key in a team oriented game mode like Rush. While this may vary in severity in everyone’s opinion, sniping has a unique twist. Gravity. It means that while sniping at long distances the bullets will sag along its flight path and for hits to be achieved you have to aim slightly above your target. Personally I like it, but I think other will find it very annoying.

One final thing, when you begin to play the game you will find yourself getting very frustrated with the controls. Don’t worry, give it a chance and they will grow on you.

So any thoughts on BFBC2’s multiplayer? If so leave me a comment.

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