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Fallout: New Vegas – Info

This month’s issue of PC Gamer has revealed many new details about the next Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas. So I thought I’d look over what information we have learned about this previously mysterious title, as well as what this means for the game in terms of story and gameplay.

Firstly the setting, well, as you’ve probably guessed it’s set in New Vegas as well as the surrounding, Mojave desert. We also know that both the city and the surrounding area were, compared to the 3 previous Fallout environments, relatively unaffected. The city is mostly intact and has power supplied by the Hoover Dam, that also survived the war and it’s attempted sabotage just before the war kicked off. Area 51 will also likely feature, we know the Fallout universe contains plenty of alien life so it just wouldn’t make sense without it. The game will be set in 2280, 3 years after Fallout 3 took place but will have no relation to it’s story.

We also more much more of the story. You will play as courier, who has been left for dead in a shallow grave (the hand we saw in the trailer is his, I know I was wrong) but recused by a robot named Victor (the robot in the trailer) and brough back to health by a doctor named Victor. There has been no information as to who the courier is, where he came from, all we know is he is not a vault dweller nor is he a decedant of one. The game will revolve around the conflict between the NCR (New Californian Republic)  faction of around 700,000 people as of 2240, 40 years before NV is set. They are the largest standing faction present in the Fallout universe with a large army. The character we see in the teaser trailer, the one with the black armour and red eyes? He’s mostly likely a New Californian Ranger, hand picked elite soldiers. The NCR will be standing off against another faction, Caesar’s Legion. Slavers that occupy the Las Vegas strip. Another main faction are the residents of New Vegas. We will also see a plethora of smaller faction including the super mutants. Nothing has been said about the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave and there is no clear indication about there inclusion, either way.

Now on to gameplay. I’m sure we’ll all be relieved to know it’s going to be very similar to that of Fallout 3 however they have made many improvements. The SPECIAL perks system is still present, affecting speech options and quests much like in Fallout 3. Those with high intelligence get an intelligent speech option unlocking certain bonuses. so is V.A.T.S, however this time it can be used with melee to create special moves such as the ball crushing, “Fore!” move. Karma makes it’s return but this time is coupled with reputation. This means that different settlements and faction will treat you differently depending on how you’ve acted towards them, their allies and their enemies. This suggests gameplay based around the separate factions, working for one to unlock certain missions and bonuses such as different kinds of weapons and armour. I also think the 3 factions will represent the 3 branches of karma. The NCR good, the NV residents neutral and Caesar’s Legion (slavers) bad. Not only will this add much more impact to how your karma reated chocies will affect your game , it also adds loads of replayability. One final detail is the inclusion of a hardcore mode in which the player must drink waer to survive and ammo has weight(!).

From the mere scrap of info above it looks like Fallout: New Vegas is going to be one of the most memorable games of 2010.

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