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The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Teaser Broken Down

Could this be the next modern shooter you waste your time with?

Ubisoft recently released a teaser for the previously announced Tom Clancy game ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’. You know. The one with the pretty screens and swamp people at the end? Well, I’m here to tell you what was displayed on those lovely screens why the swamp people aren’t endorsed by US officials.

The teaser opens with a tidily hidden disclaimer, saying that the US military does not promote or endorse this product. A very strange phenomenon, since modern shooter developers have been seen reaching out to US and UK war vets in order to make their game as realistic and as close to the actual, standard soldier experience as possible. It seems the Ghost Recon devs did the same here, but didn’t respond well to the criticism from the military advisor. So the the US military chose to distance itself from a product they helped make. Otherwise the military wouldn’t have known of the game’s content beforehand.

Next we see the aforementioned high-tech screens. On these screens we see the following locations:

Moscow, Russia.

Saudi Arabia.

the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

north Europe, with Germany displayed and a target placed on Norway.

All of which are possible locations the single player campaign could take place in. It seems Ubisoft is taking a less subtle approach than the usual unnamed Arab or Russian war zone.

There are also images of what appear to be armed ultranaionalists. Presumably Russian, since they are displayed in front of a map of Moscow.

Screens displaying mountain terrain and notifications of strike packages being initialized suggest a more refined and varied vehicle/aircraft assistance system then the ones seen in previous Ghost Recon games, where, besides big plot events, you were usually limited to the UAV. The F16 Fighting Falcon is also hinted at.

Strange bronze balls are seen flashing close to the end, followed by what seems to be your recon team in invisibility cloaks.

The teaser closes of with the announcement of a closed beta. It appears to be Xbox 360 exclusive, seeing as the only way to get an invitation is by purchasing Splinter Cell conviction, another 360 exclusive. The game now has a release frame of fall 2010.

From where I’m standing, the game won’t take place in the future, but the soldiers you play with will posses futuristic equipment and weapons such as the invisibility cloak. Whether that is why the us military doesn’t want to associated with the game or if it’s because of the Ronald Reagan USS being featured in an appropriate way, hasn’t been disclosed by ubisoft yet</P>

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