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Fable III will allow you to import your character and ‘touch’ people


Peter Molyneux announced in an interview at X10 that owners of the previous game in the series will be able to import their Fable 2 save file to Fable 3 when it hits stores this fall. Although it won’t have as crucial of an impact, seeing as you are only importing your character as the father or mother of the new hero, you could speculate that your new avatar might posses some abilities from the the get go that have been genetically passed down to him/her by heroic parent.

Click the “more” tag for more info on Fable 3 and my thoughts on  Lionhead’s baby.

Apparently your parent in this new installment is somehow ‘bothered’ by the current king. Presumably he murders them in front of your youthful little eyes. According to Peter you’ll spend the first half of the game dethroning the aforementioned king and spend the second half as the main honcho of the kingdom. A far greater kingdom in scope than the one depicted in the first two games.  In Fable 3 you will presumably be allowed to explore the whole Europe like continent, though it seems redundant when you’re king or queen and can send fools to do that for you.


You would think it’s going to be easy street, micromanaging, peaceful gaming from then onward.

Not quiet.

In an event, that I’m sure won’t be your fault in any way, another continent will attack yours.

In terms of gameplay your guns will reflect your persona from now on. Say for example you kill civilians, which you would, like, totally not do , blood will start to drip from your sword. Shoot thugs to protect the poor and your guns will have a heroic glow about them. Even your gamerscore can have an affect on your ‘tools’.  On top of all that, there will even be an online marketplace to sell all these personalized goodies.

With your new found authority come forth two new game changing features. The only one we know of  is the ability to decree laws. Laws like allowing multiple marriages and child slavery. Y’know. The stuff sh*ts and giggles are made of. 

The developers seem to only want to make you feel like a badass and making you the ruler in a world where no one dares say no to your mandatory-panda-dress-up-weekends is the way to do it.

Lastly in the controls department comes Touch. With Touch you use Natal to throw babies in the air, drag hobos by the collar to your personal dungeon etc. using context sensitive hand gestures.

 Which brings up the question: Are we still talking about the same game?

I mean really. There are three major video game concepts overarching each other in the second sequel of a what was presumably an established franchise. Established as in we know what to expect in a game where it has 3 and its predecessor has a 2 in its name. You’ve got the first half of the game where you bring an anarchistic ruler to his knees, managing that kingdom in the second half and going to war with another continent. Microsoft keeps churning out these titles every two years like the reboots of a half-assed attempt at the promised Holy Grail of gaming that they are.

The Fable series is what I imagine Duke Nukem Forever would look like if 3D Realms didn’t have the decency to not release the game in it’s beta form.Twice. And while that seems a tad bit too harsh and while yes, Fable 1 and 2 weren’t that bad, in fact they were very good games, remember that we were promised a game that would push immersion and the long lost fun of the medium to the next level and beyond. Something that can’t be said about the Fable games.

In Lionhead’s perfect world you will disregard all the previous Fable iterations once they finally pass the line that separates “great” from “perfect” with the gem of RPGs, where all the desired game mechanics intertwine in a harmonic gaming goodness and don’t crash into each other in an embarrassing train wreck of tacked on ideas.

Whether that’ll be Fable III is still up in the air.

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  1. bob
    October 19, 2010 at 1:20 am

    I like the rebellion event that this game will go through, I hope I don’t become king and give the crown to someone else. This game sounds so different that fable. If I wanted to be a king and or get married, get married in real life with a random guy/chick and play a different king like game. This should be more of a solo rpg style game.

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