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Come on Tapulous! You Used to be Cool.

Since the release of Tap Tap Revenge, the California based iPod games company, Tapulous has been doing very well for itself; with the success of their first game and it’s 2 sequels, dominating the Apps store on iTunes for weeks. They even had their own song commissioned to put in their game. So what does any company with an established franchise which they are struggling to keep things fresh in do? are running out of ideas to keep things fresh? Spin-offs of course! And boy has Tapulous really taken this rule of thumb way too far. Read more…


Halo Reach Info this week?

Just a few hours ago Bungie posted this photo on their twitter account along with the description ” Just got this mysterious image and word that something big is dropping this week?!”. Is this some sort of cruel early April fools joke or a hint at some new info on Halo:Reach? Keep checking the site to see what happens.

G.I.N Is Hiring

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you ever wanted to become a part of a growing staff and website. Well now you can because is hiring. All you have to be is good at writing, have a sense of humor, and be able to commit and hang in there at tough times. This is also a great opportunity to build up your portfolio if you want to go into journalism as a profession. They say to get paid to write you are going to have to write for free for a while. We have been contacting some company PR and we do have all the resources you need to write good posts, all you need is the drive. Just send your submission of either a review, editorial, or news article to We have 3 positions available and our staff at hand will be glad to accept you and help you with whatever you need.

PAXEast Avatar Hoodie Contest

Well we were able to acquire a few extra codes for the avatar hoodies. So were are going to have a contest to give out one of them. All you have to do to win this fabulous prize is advertise. The person with the most pingbacks will win the exclusive hoodie. By pingbacks I mean views from a link. If you put our link in a specific place, not Facebook, then we can see where the views are coming from. The person with the most generated views from the link he or she submits will be the winner. Ex: I put a link on gogo forum, people come to this website from gogo forum. I can then view how many people came from that page. Get it? Good. Just submit the place that you put our site with a link to said site in the comments of this post. The contest will end and the views will be counted a week from Friday, April 1st. No this is not an April fools joke. All submissions will be entered to win a suped up Lamborghini Reventon…in Forza 3. We hope you guys get creative with your advertising and please do not break any rules while doing this.

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Crackdown 2 multiplayer impressions

Recently I was lucky enough to drive up to Boston for PAXEast and check out a few upcoming games. One of the few that blew me away was none other than Crackdown 2.

I played 2 matches, the first being Rocket tag. Its starts out with 8 players randomly spawning on the map. There is an orb (or for halo fans oddball) somewhere in the map and your goal is to grab it and keep it as long as possible. The twist as you may have guessed is that SURPRISE! everyone has rockets and they are gunning for you. Points are earned for keeping the orb as well as killing the carrier or anyone else for that matter. The first thing I noticed was that the game plays and feels a lot like the original. That is NOT a bad thing. So far the game has much more refined gameplay and visuals. Ruffian has tweaked the Lock on system from the first game which makes the gun play more satisfying.

Hit the jump for more

The second match I played was classic Team deathmatch. Unlike the previous match where chaos and explosions were abundant, there was much more precision fire. I was able to use a machine gun instead of a rocket launcher. Did I mention that there are also helicopters! Despite my best efforts, I could not pilot one because it blew up whenever I got 10 feet from it. OK so there was still chaos and explosions. One of the newer feature of crackdown 2 are these jump pads. Similar to a man-cannon in halo 3 you can walk over it and be launched over buildings and across the city. Flying over the city raining down homing rockets could not have been better. The game releases out in July 9, 2010 on Xbox 360.

Also pay attention to the site because we are going to be giving away something very soon.

Red Faction Series to get Another Revamp?


Vice President of Core Games, Danny Bilson has talked about Red Faction 4. Among his comments were a few that hint heavily at a series revamp:

I don’t want my marketing guy to be pissed at me for giving away too much, but it goes back underground and it’s really cool.

The things that I think were the problem with Guerilla were not the gameplay but the IP. Being in a dusty environment for a long period of time could get a little monotonous

It’s [Red Faction 4] cooler environments and there are elements in it that have never been in a Red Faction before as far as enemies go and…

Red Faction: Guerilla was a huge diversion from the formally linear FPS series, so will Red Faction 4 (RF4) do a U-turn and take the series back to it’s roots? Or are these comments just hints at a change in enviroment? Well the comment about going underground is very important; normally when you think underground in video games you think tunnels, lots and lots of tunnels with the occasional boss fight in a cavern but will this be the case with RF4? I certainly hope not, the open world in Guerilla was great fun mainly because of the destructive buildings it allowed. If the series were to go underground it would have to still maintain relatively open world in order to achieve the same level of destruction which, if levels do become more enclosed, would be impossible.

On the other hand his comments could simply mean only parts of the game will be underground, the rest will occur on the surface of Mars or perhaps even another planet. Which brings me to my next point, will RF4 move away from the Red Planet? Bilson talks about how the dusty enviroment got boring, so to combat this will be start the series a fresh on a new plant? Maybe one with more greenery and animal life, it certainly wouldn’t do the series harm and could help introduce a much more exciting game. However he may just be talking about an EDF terra-forming initiative on Mars. His final comment refers to new types of enemies or possibly new ways to interact (kill) them. I think we’ll see tougher enemies, with better AI, which will require more tactical gameplay to takedown. Or we may see different types of enemies such as (if the series changed plantes) animals. Either way we can expect to see big things from RF4 (hopefully then toppled over using the destruction system).

So what do you want to see from Red Faction 4? More of the same or something new? Leave a comment.


Games In A NutCast #1: Uncut and Unedited

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From 3 of the staff of Games In A, Games In A NutCast is extremely late and a fresh take on our opinions on games and news in the gaming industry. I hope you enjoy the first podcast, because we sure enjoyed recorded it…and editing it (not). My audio was a little messed up so bear with me. This is our first podcast, so it will not be the quality of one of the big podcasts, but we will get better, we will get better equipment, and we will get funnier. So listen to this podcast and send us some feedback and emails that you would like to be read on air to   Enjoy. Games In A NutCast #1

Please, subscribe via iTunes.  And to subscribe with Zune as of now, just go to add new podcast and enter in our feed url. The feed can be found in the top right.

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