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CoD Experiment: Stages 2 and 3

A while back I posted about teaching my brother how to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It’s been a while since stage 1, controller familiarization, was completed but I have now finished stages two and three.

Stage 2 – Game Familiarization: Getting him use to movement, aiming and game controls

So before I could even hope for him to run the course I would need to teach him the controls of the game, as well as getting him use to the shooting, aiming and movement. To do this I of course used the S.S.D.D training level at the start of the game. The first part of S.S.D.D sees you shooting down a firing range, teaching you how to shoot, crouch and aim, as well as how to throw grenades. Like most of you I blasted through training in no time, already a veteran of the Call of Duty series, however for a first timer it was not so easy for my brother. The training  is fairly fast paced and it was a bit of an information overload for him. However once I slowed things down a little and took him through it step by step he began to get the hang of it. While the concept of aiming down the sights was new to him, with a little bit of coaching he was hitting every target with accuracy.

 Then came the part where you had to snap in and out of aiming down the sights, slightly more difficult. He just wasn’t fast or accurate enough. I told him to ignore the time limit and take things slower, this seemed to work. Now all I had to do was get him to speed up. This proved very hard for him, he would either rush and over shoot the targets when aiming on the hip, ending up firing into the background or panicing and remaining looking down the sights, failing the training. But perseverance won through and after what felt like an iternity, he passed. The rest of the stuff after that, learing about grenades and penetratable surfaces, was very simple. Now he had grasped shooting I wanted to get him use to moving around, running and taking cover. So I got him to run around the rest of the base, telling him where to go and at random times shouting at him to find the nearest cover and kneel or go prone. This worked well and he was clearly comfortable with the controls.

I now told him to go down to the Pit, however before he ran it, I wanted to teach him about the different varieties of guns and their abilities. I ran through the types of weapons: pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, LMGs, shotguns and sniper rifles, as well as what ranges they could be used for: short, medium and long range,  on top of how accurate they were. It took a while for him to grasp the idea of “accuracy” and “range” but eventually he got the idea.  Now I thought he was ready to run *queue dramatic music* the pit.

Stage 3 – Course Familiarization: Now he’s gotten a hang of the controls, I want him to learn the course and master it.

Now it’s time for the pit. This is when all this training will pay off, or not. Out of interest I made him run the course before all of this training, his time: 3:56.3. That was the time he got while he didn’t know the controls or had any experience with the game’s movement and aiming.  First off he had to select two guns, me went for the M4 assault rifle and the AA-12 shotgun. Not great choices but I let him go with them.

Now he was really ready, the gate opens and he sprints onto the course, will this be a complete disaster or will he turn out to be a prodigy? The first three targets pop up, he dispatches them all fairly quickly however proceeds to the next area still aiming dow the sights, slowing him down. This time he is a bit sloppier, missing a target twice and reloading half way through, instead of switching weapons. He  then entered the building, this time he does better and gets up the stairs in only a few seconds. The top room confuses him slightly and he rushes down to the next area missing two targets, but the final area is where he really messes up, I let him know he missed a target, so he reverts to aiming down the sights more and subsequently walks right past another target. In his rush he also hits a civilian, however remembers to sprint to the end of the course, final time: 1:12.3. A huge improvement but it was still not enough. So the next time I gave him advice on  which weapons he should and gave him tips on where the enemies were and when to run. This improved his time further and as he continued to run the course he got better and better. After about 45 mins I decided to make him take a final run through. He started with the USP.45 w/tactical knife and M9, good choices. The first part up to the building was well executed, he was accurate and relatively fast. He slipped a little in the building though, missing a target and having to return to get it. The top floor was also well done, hitting all the targets. He reloaded when he should have as he jumped down to the final half. He managed to finish the final bit a little quicker than before, getting all the targets but hitting one civilian before sprinting to the finish, final time: 0:42.3, enough to recommend him regular difficulty. My job: completed.

So there you have it, it is possible to teach a young child a hardcore game with a complex control scheme. Once again to anyone who thinks I’m the devil for exposing my brother to mature content, I only allowed him to play through the first level up to the Pit and would never let him play the rest of the singleplayer or expose him to the racism and strong language you get online. If you are still angry leave a comment, or send me an angry email (address is in the sidebar).

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