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How you can get more involved with Games In A Nutshell

G.I.N is growing, that’s a fact. The one thing that we would like to see more of, though, is reader input and activity. There are many things you can do just to motivate us to write and help out with the site.

1. Comment on posts, if you have anything you would like to say, say it.

2. Follow G.I.N on twitter, you can find us @gamesinanutshel (yes it is only one L, there was not enough space)

3. Send us an email, all the emails of the staff are located at the bottom right of the site. Send us an email if you want something changed, or you just want to chat.

4. Join the facebook group, we only have 8 member, but the people that are there probably share the same interest as you.

5. Send us a friend request on XBL, Steam, PSN, ect. None of us have a full friends list and we would like to get to know the readers

6. Submit an application, as I said, G.I.N is growing, if you want to be part of it all and you think you have what it takes, send an email to gamesinanutshell@gmail.com with a simple news article and you may just be recruited onto the staff. We are always looking for new talent and we can never have too much talent.

These are just a few ways you can get involved and meet new cool people. We hope to hear from you guys soon, and also, tell your friends about us, they may just love the site.

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  1. TheStonedSheep
    March 21, 2010 at 3:16 am

    Yeah our hits per week have at least doubled. Thanks for you support guys!

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