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Motion Controls – A Success or Failure?

Sony has the Move, Microsoft Project Natal. Two major companies with two major products, the problem is they are both motion controls and that means we as gamers are a bit unsure.  Some say they will be a great success, others say they will be a massive failure. Both sides have very compelling arguments and it creates a very confusing picture, so here are the 5 main arguments on each side of the fray.   

             For  Motion Controllers

    1. These are very technically advanced pieces of hardware, far superior to the Wiimote. The Playstation Move for example features 3 gyroscopes, 3 accelerometers and the controller being tracked by the Playstation Eye. This basically means it will be very precise and will be able to capture the most complex of moves. This also means developers can do far more with the controllers than on the Wii. 


    2. There are hardcore applications for motion controllers. Publishers such as Bethesda and Square Enix have confirmed they will be developing/publishing games for Natal and Resident Evil 5 and Tekken 6 will use the Playstation Move. 


    3. Microsoft and Sony are smart companies, they are aware of the Wii and how it disappointed hardcore gamers, as a significant chunk of their user base are hardcore gamers they’ll do everything they can to convince us to buy their new product i.e. support hardcore games.


     4. Of the games that do come out that support the motion controllers they’ll be far more complex than the ones that came out for the Wii. Gamers were disappointed at the games that came out for the Wii, not only were they casual but they lacked depth and detail. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are powerful systems that can support large, in-depth games with brilliant graphics that the Wii simply couldn’t. Take  Sony Sports Champions for example, sure it’s basically Wii Sports but it looks amazing and features online play meaning that you can play with all you friends who have this over PSN.


     5. Like I just said in my previous example, many of these games are likely to feature online support, that means you’ll be able to use the premium PSN  and Xbox Live services to play with friends. You won’t have to mess around with friend codes or try to use the horrible Wii interface, it’ll all be there and it’ll all be familiar, no hassle at all.


    Against Motion Controllers


     1. They are not all that technically advanced. Early footage suggested that you would be able to play shooters and racing games with Natal, however because it features no separate processor there would be lag between your action and it’s effect on screen making playing these fast types of games next to impossible.


     2. Publishers and developers will not support motion controllers with a large amount of good, hardcore games. They’ve seen the Wii, and how much money selling to the casual market has made them. They’ll all follow suit, sure they’ll make a couple of pretty cool games at first but after that it’ll be Natal Sports Resort all the way.
     3. The “Wii Effect”, yeah I coined a term. One of the reasons gamers are so apprehensive about Natal and Move is because of the massive let down the Wii was. This means that hardcore gamers will be cautious before buying and may just won’t bother all together. Result? The number of hardcore gamers with these controllers will be reduced, which in turn will reduce the sales of hardcore games, reducing the number of hardcore games being made for the motion controllers, reducing the number of hardcore gamers with these controllers . . .


      4. You’ll look ridiculous playing these games, the Move looks like an adult toy and you’ll look like some crazy, fat yoga instructor waving your arms around playing Natal.
     5. The name is gay. Move, what a stupid name, I could do better than that. Well at least it isn’t called the Arc, that would have been so much more worse.


     Well, now its up to you to decide and if you want to leave a comment about you opinion on motion controllers.
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