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BFBC2 Class Guide – Assault

This is the first in 4 class guides for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Assault, Enginner, Medic, Recon. Each will feature my 5 top tips for playing with that class as well as some general information and best weapons and combinations to use.

The Assault class is your primary all rounder, he can carry a variety of assault rifles which you can equip under barrel attachments to: a grenade launcher, a smoke grenade launcher and a shotgun. You can also give out ammo to you fellow team-mates.

Best Assault Rifle

It has to be the M16, the burst fire makes it super accurate as well as having a good amount of stopping power. However this is the last weapon you unlock, before that I would suggest using the AUG. Its fully automatic but has a hight rate of fire for a weapon that is fairly accurate.

Recommended Classes

Accurate Assault: M16 or AUG w/ M1191 and 40mm Grenade Launcher. specialisations: Red Dot Sight, Magnum Ammo, Vehicle Optics

M-Com Attacker: Any weapon other than an assault rifle w/M1191 and C4. Specialstations: Improved Demolitions, Explosives Leg Pouch, Improved Warhead Package

5 Top Tips

  1. Burst fire. Just tap the trigger when firing at medium to long range, it makes you so much more accurate.
  2. Hand out ammo to you team, set it down next to people or in crowded buildings and watch the points role in.
  3. Remember selecting a weapon that is not an assault rifle in the assault class will replace your under barrel attachment with C4, perfect for destroying tanks and M-Com stations.
  4. Avoid tanks, your grenade launcher won’t do much against it’s armour and you probably end up dead. If you’ve got C4 go for it but otherwise stay away.
  5. When firing grenades compensate for gravity by aiming way above you target, grenades drop sharply compared to bullets.

Those are my tips, watch out for the next class guide, Enginner.

  1. Billybobjoe
    October 3, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Xm8 has higher acuracy, rate of fire and same damage if u haven’t ulocked th m16A2 Xm8 ftw

  2. maxasdasd
    January 2, 2011 at 7:15 am

    accually the aug has better accuracy, but the xm8 has better rate, and reload time, i prefer the xm8 more than aug. also the xm8 does better dmg on ranged targets.

  3. Monty
    June 11, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    The XM8 is pretty good, I still use it quite a bit, and the automatic fire is quite handy, I spend a lot of time in buildings so full-auto is much better than burst fire only guns for me.

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