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Just Cause 2 Review


Brought to you by Eidos and Square Enix, Just Cause 2 is an open world, do whatever you want, third-person shooter. You take the role as a mercenary fighting against the government on a medium size island. Destructible environments is one of the main factors in this game as it gives you chaos, which unlocks a variety of stuff.

Firstly there are not many differences between the limited and regular edition so your experience

won’t be changed much, that being seed there are some useful items in particular the hovercraft which is perfect for storming docks, but I will leave that and all other bonuses out of the equation.

The Look.

It is hard to move without seeing a jaw dropping view you will be amazed at what has been accomplished even if there is and odd glitch where parts of the caricatures will go throw timeless and other items which whilst it may not ruin your experience it will be a slight irritation none the less. I will admit that when under water you do go oddly blue luckily you rally have to go underwater, but the only thing that is truly annoying is the old trick off rendering a 2D tree that always faces you whilst the real on loads normally that wouldn’t be a problem but with the amount of time you spend and quite high speeds just above the trees gliding with your parachute it does get quite annoying very quickly.


Prepare to stay up till 3AM playing as this game is very addictive, you can easily sink 50+hrs in long before you get bored, thankfully it is bucking the trend that a lot of games have been doing of trying to make the physics ultra realistic and instead going all out with over the top action movie physics, it even has NINJAS . There is one rather annoying but at the same time kick ass thing is the sheer size of the map, there is so much to explore but it takes forever to get any where admittedly this is not a bad thing as you will get side tracked and find something awesome such as a kids bubble gun maybe a hot air balloon or a replica of the crashed plain from lost. The mission may be a bit repetitive and there are a lot of annoying escort missions, escort missions are NEVER fun, but there is always an overwhelming number of ways to do each mission, just do not screw them up the load screens take to long and just about everything has one it relay breaks up your gameplay, there are one or two glitches but they are mainly audio and I will get in to it later. If you are used to breezing throw games proper to have that changed, there is so much to do it is very unlikely you will 100% it without you play time being well above  200hrs.


There are some huge audio glitches the most common of which of which is part of the sentence being repeated a few times over, whilst it is annoying it does not bring the quality of the game down overall and could be fixed with patch, ignoring the dialog the music is nicely composed and fits perfectly in to the game, even with the nice little touch of  Rico humming tunes. The relay odd thing is the accents which seem to be extremely varied and even whirred every one speaks english despite most of the signs being in, to be honest I don’t know but it definitely is not english.


This is one of the better games I have played in quite some time and defiantly improves on the original just cause in just about every way possible.


  1. Juicebox
    September 19, 2010 at 2:54 am

    You are illiterate and moronic I can’t believe I even made it through that jumbled mess…on a side note how much crack do you smoke?

  2. September 29, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    First of all the guy who wrote this is across the pond, second of all, your a douchey troll. That is all.

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