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Crackdown 2 multiplayer impressions

Recently I was lucky enough to drive up to Boston for PAXEast and check out a few upcoming games. One of the few that blew me away was none other than Crackdown 2.

I played 2 matches, the first being Rocket tag. Its starts out with 8 players randomly spawning on the map. There is an orb (or for halo fans oddball) somewhere in the map and your goal is to grab it and keep it as long as possible. The twist as you may have guessed is that SURPRISE! everyone has rockets and they are gunning for you. Points are earned for keeping the orb as well as killing the carrier or anyone else for that matter. The first thing I noticed was that the game plays and feels a lot like the original. That is NOT a bad thing. So far the game has much more refined gameplay and visuals. Ruffian has tweaked the Lock on system from the first game which makes the gun play more satisfying.

Hit the jump for more

The second match I played was classic Team deathmatch. Unlike the previous match where chaos and explosions were abundant, there was much more precision fire. I was able to use a machine gun instead of a rocket launcher. Did I mention that there are also helicopters! Despite my best efforts, I could not pilot one because it blew up whenever I got 10 feet from it. OK so there was still chaos and explosions. One of the newer feature of crackdown 2 are these jump pads. Similar to a man-cannon in halo 3 you can walk over it and be launched over buildings and across the city. Flying over the city raining down homing rockets could not have been better. The game releases out in July 9, 2010 on Xbox 360.

Also pay attention to the site because we are going to be giving away something very soon.

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