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Come on Tapulous! You Used to be Cool.

Since the release of Tap Tap Revenge, the California based iPod games company, Tapulous has been doing very well for itself; with the success of their first game and it’s 2 sequels, dominating the Apps store on iTunes for weeks. They even had their own song commissioned to put in their game. So what does any company with an established franchise which they are struggling to keep things fresh in do? are running out of ideas to keep things fresh? Spin-offs of course! And boy has Tapulous really taken this rule of thumb way too far.

Since the release of Tap Tap Revenge 3 they have made a grand total of 9 spin-offs, seriously? Not even Guitar Hero is that bad and their publisher is Activison. It’s just another blatant milking of a cash cow series that so many companies (especially those in the gaming industry) are catching onto. They serve only to sell more units, instead of pushing the boundaries of the platform that it is being developed for or trying new ideas. Games need to innovative for the gaming industry to progress, just as in any other industry. If every developer began to make spin-off after unoriginal spin-off of their games the competitive market that pushes companies to do new things would slump and we would suffer as a result. Stuck in a endless cycle shovelware being piled onto game shops shelves.

Another problem I have with these spin-offs is how they latch onto success full artists and leach off their success while smaller, more independent artists are left in the cold. Just some of the spin-offs include:

The Lady Gaga Edition

The Coldplay Edition

and the *throws up*

Justin Beiber Edition

Tapulous have previously been quite good at varying their track list between major and more independent artists, however these special editions are suffocating the smaller artists by restricting their opportunities to get into the game; due to the single artist nature of most of the spin-offs. This will only get worse, as the success of these spin-offs will increase, further encouraging more special editions, delaying the development process of the main game in which these artists are features.

So what is your opinion on these spin-offs? Anti-independent or fair gain? Leave me a comment.

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