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So You Think You’re a Game Geek?

Chances are you’re pretty clued up on what’s going on in the gaming community.  You’ve probably been brought up on video games.  Some of you may even have played E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on the Atari 2600 – although more people have walked on the moon than actually played that title.

But just how game geeky are you? Here’s a test, more of a two in one actually. You first have to consider whether you have ever played the theme song from Cannon Fodder using nothing more than game controllers? Unless you are part of Press Play on Tape – that’s probably a ‘no’.

Secondly, how well do you know your games? Shall we find out? Accompanied by a gaming geek song? Great! Then let us begin….. just see how many games and popular culture references you can name from the following video from the aforementioned PressPlayOnTape.

The full list of games and movies can be found on the YouTube source.

Peas and loaves people!

I’ve been David, and you’ve been awesome.

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