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Starcraft 2: What We Know So Far

Starcraft 2, a game that many Blizzard fans have been ranting and raving about for the past few months. Starcraft 2 is Blizzards upcoming real time strategy based in the Starcraft world (obviously). The first Starcraft was released in March, 1998 (long time ago) for the personal computer. Since then, blizzard has released Starcraft: Brood War, an expansion to the original game. Now, scheduled for a July 27th, 2010 release date, Starcraft 2 has up’d the ante for competative RTSs.

First of all, we are not going to tell you any of the story just in case you are trying to finish up the first game. Second, all the information I am getting is from a diverse number of websites. Third, there is no third.


There are three races in Starcraft 2. The Zerg, which are pretty much the nasty, bio, alien race. The Zerg play very different from the other two races because they have an evolution system. You will have to research upgrades to evolve your units. Terran are your basic earth, human, army race. They have good armored units, and the classic marine that can be upgraded with a combat shield, how cool is that? The third race that you will be able to play is the Protoss. The protoss are the alien religious type race, similar to that of the Covenant in Halo.



Drone-your basic harvester with a slight ability to attack.

Zergling-Zerg’s basic small unit. This unit can be upgraded for faster movement and faster attack.

Overlord-The overlord acts as your commander, the bigger your force, the more overlords you need to control that force. This unit also acts as a transport.

Overseer-The evolved version of the overlord. This evolution loses its predecessor’s abilities but gains sight upon a greater radius, cloaked and burrowed units. The Overseer can also drop infested Terrans, which act as a unit.

Queen-The unit that makes all other units. The Queen lays eggs to be hatched into whatever unit you desire (if you have all the upgrades that is). The queen can also evolve and be upgraded to move to any of your buildings instantly, lay down poison creep, and transform buildings into turrets for the Zerg.

Hydralisk- The Zerg’s main ground unit. The Hydra can attack both land and air and can also burry into the ground. Hydras morph into Lurkers.

Roach- The Zerg’s “sponge unit” can take lots of damage and regenerate health very quickly especially if they are under ground.

Mutalisks- This air unit can attack both ground and air enemies. Also has a special attack that attack 2 targets, bouncing the projectile off of one unit/building and hitting another.

Banelings- This is the Zerg’s “throw in and die” unit. The Baneling runs into the fray and explodes on contact with any unit or building. Banelings can be morphed from Zerglings.

Infestor- Zerg’s support unit. This unit can create a deadly fog that damages enemies for an amount of time. This unit can also stop production on an enemy base as well as being able to move while underground, making this a very good harass unit.

Corrupter- A specific air to air unit that has the ability to make other air units turn on their own team mates.

Ultralisk- Zerg’s super unit. This guy packs a powerful punch and requires a lot of specific fire to be taken down.

Other units not mentioned- Brood lord, Nydus Worm, Infested Terran, and more (I cannot think off the top of my head).

Tune in for more of Starcraft 2: What we know so far.

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