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Monday Night Combat: Review

Monday Night Combat, or MNC, is one of the most anticipated XBLA games to come out this year. Now that the game has been released, many people are playing and enjoying this tower defense/DOTA/TPS like game. MNC was developed by Uber Entertainment as an XBLA exclusive for the Summer of Arcade. MNC is many genres in one. MNC is a 3rd person tower defense game, DOTA game, and an TPS. Many people compare and base their opinions on MNC to Team Fortress 2. TF2 and MNC are two totally different games. See why and more after the jump.

The reason that MNC is compared to TF2 is because of their similar art style and their multiplayer focused gameplay. TF2 is strictly a FPS, nothing more, nothing less. MNC is…well…I already told you.

There are 2 modes in MNC. There is the Blitz mode in which you can team up with up to 3 friends online or 1 friend on the couch, or, if you have no friends, you can play by yourself. The second and most played mode is Crossfire where you can play a 6v6 match against other players.

The focus of this game is to defend your money ball as well as get your bots to the enemies money ball to destroy it. With very well made symmetrical maps, there is no advantage a team could have. Your bots spawn on your side and move on a rail (not an actual rail but a pre-determined path) until they run into the enemies bots which you are supposed to destroy along with the enemies and their turrets. Yes, I forgot to tell you about the turrets. This is where the tower defense part comes in. Around your base their are pre-set places where you can set 4 different kinds of turrets. You can set a Laser Turret- A turret that can shoot lasers, a Rocket Turret- pretty self explanatory, a Long Range Turret-a turret that acts as a mortar, and finally an Aura Tower-slows down the enemy bots and players. You can upgrade each turret twice, unless you are the support which can upgrade a tower an additional time. All of the defense and attack stuff works out very well, and if you have a team that knows what they are doing, you have a quick match on your hands.

The classes are not very balanced, but still very fun to play around with. There is the Assault which is the basic all rounder, the Support which can heal, suck life, but up mini turrets, and hack into enemy turrets to take them over and allied turrets to upgrade them an additional time. The other classes are the assassin, which can cloak, the gunner, which can set himself up as a badass turret, the tank with a super powerful laser beam gun, and finally the sniper…you know…the guy you always curse and try to kill every game. Each class has 3 special abilities that they can activate such as a dash, jetpack, and cloaking. The special abilities depend on the class you are playing.

The upgrades are very simple. Once you get enough cash, you can buy a custom class. Once you buy a custom class you pick out which class you want to be and then you can pick 3 perks, a gold, silver and bronze. The first perk you pick is your gold perk so it will be the most powerful. Say you pick clip size as your gold perk. Your clip size will be bigger than it would if you had clip size as your bronze perk. Perks range from Speed to accuracy to clip size and armor.

Some of the annoying things in the game is the special abilities not activating right when you want them to (this can be very annoying), the announcer (sure he may be funny at first, but he gets annoying), and the sniper is generally OP (overpowered) as he is in all games. There are only a few maps and sometimes the games can get a little long.

To wrap things up, some of the good things about this game is the TF2-like art style, the classes you can choose from, and the different genres of games put together in one steaming pot of red and blue. Some of the dislikes are unbalanced classes, assassins, snipers, the announcer, lag in the ability using, and some length in games. But hey, this is a $15 game, how can one complain. That’s why Monday Night Combat gets a 9 out of 10.

P.S. The Support sounds like Mario…just sayin.

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