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Halo 3: Good Times

It’s not everyday that a game deserves this, but Halo 3 has impacted my life so drastically that I am going to write about my history with Halo 3, how it changed me, and how it hasn’t. This article is not a regular Games In A Nutshell thing, but I just wanted to share my feelings and create something that’s interesting and inspiring to read. First, lemme lay some groundwork. Halo 3 came out Q3 of 2007 along with pretty much no other competition. Halo 3 took the gaming market by storm with the biggest entertainment launch of all time. Halo 3 was the last installment of the Halo trilogy and finished up the story of Master Chief and the battle between the human race and the Covenant. For many years Halo 3 has been a favorite for Xbox owners and college parties. Now that Reach is on the horizon (probably already out if your reading this) Halo 3 is being said goodbye to and put on gamers shelves for a while. Click the Jump to read more.

I bought the collector’s edition of Halo 3 on launch day. Back then I did not have Xbox Live because service providers did not have high speed internet for our area. I cannot tell you how many times I have played and beaten the campaign, especially when friends came over. I had many times where I would invite 3 friends and we would play 4 player split screen, ah the memories.

1 year later, Earthlink offered us with the bare minimum of high speed internet, 76 MB down! I was not sure how to hook up my Xbox to the internet so I only connected to Live a week later. Online was a whole different world to me. My first match was a Social Big Team on Rat’s Nest. I will never forget this game when I got 21 kills and 4 deaths. I thought I was pretty good until I realized I was playing with a bunch of newbies. At this time I was still with Sarcastic Gamer, so I had a few friends to play with. The first custom game I played was with IceKatanaX, the robot girl, and Randomperson, the annoying little Asian kid who sounded like he was 7 at the time. Randomperson and I became good friends later on.

The world of custom games was amazing. I started getting into some crazy games of fat boy and other infection game variants with members of Sarcastic Gamer. These games were extremely fun. Later on, Jenga and Monster trucks were created. This is where Jordan comes in. I was playing a game of Jenga when Jordan, a reoccurring guy in SG games, asked if anyone wants to play Halo 2 with him. I volunteered and we got into a game of Halo 2 where we spent hours doing out of map glitches, super jumps, and all kinds of antics. Jordan and I eventually became friends and played lots of Halo together.

After I met Jordan, I met some of his friends that were really good at Halo. This is where I started to play competitively. I started to play against people, playing matchmaking and getting my rank up. I stopped playing Halo at around 700 custom games, 200 social matches and around 150 ranked matches. Why did I stop playing Halo 3? Other games of coarse, I got sucked into games like Fallout 3, Bad Company, MW2, and many others. My long hiatus of Halo stopped after realizing that one of my school friends got on Xbox Live. Eddie is very good at Halo 3, he kinda playes it a little obsessively. I got into my rank again and ranked all the way up to Captain in a couple of weeks.

My first encounter with TAG (Talking About Games) was in Halo 3. I signed up for one of their game nights and had a blast. The most I remember of that gamer night was AceBlack yelling, “That damn Corgon keeps killing me!) From then on I participated in any TAG game night I could. From there I played Halo on and off with Eddie until recently. Another school mate joined Xbox live, a cheerleader no less. Her name, Sierra. Her skill, almost non existent, but I digress. This leads to now, the night of the launch of Halo: Reach, the be all end all of Halo games.

Halo: Reach. I wonder what will come of it. Will I find as much enjoyment and meet as much people as I did Halo 3? Will it impact my life as much as Halo 3? Only time will tell. Through all the good times and the bad. Through all the awesome people that I will probably never meet again and through all the douchebags that I hope not to meet again. Through all the game nights. Through all the hours spent playing. Through all the homework assignments not done, and grades dropped. Though the friends that come and go. Through the fights about internet bandwidth and yelling, “LAG!” into the mic. Halo 3 has been there, has always been there, on my shelf or in my Xbox. I have never seen another instance where a video game actually impacted someones social life for the better. I have never seen a video game that has brought me this much memories, this much friends, and this much joy. Halo 3 will always have a place in my heart, in Eddie’s heart, and in everyone else’s heart that enjoyed the game so much. Troll all you want trolls, but you know your wrong. Call of Duty is not a better game, not by any stretch. And no, I’m not a Halo or Microsoft fanboy, I am merely speaking the truth, my thoughts. So for all you reading this, say goodbye to Halo 3, say goodbye to the good times, and say hello to new ones, to new friends, to new enemies, to new memories. Say hello to Bungie’s new game.

See you all on Reach.

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  1. Aidan Richards
    March 19, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Dude, that sounds like my story with halo 3. The Memories from that game will always stay with me. Halo reach just didnt have the same impact on me as halo 3 did.

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