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Kinect Impressions

In all it’s anticipation and hype, Kinect for the Xbox 360 has finally arrived. The Kinect is a motion sensing camera that you can play games with, so you may get up off your couch and put down the controller (Obama is happy). Many people were skeptical about this device even working at all. Adverts and videos for the Kinect show off all it’s glory, but does it really do everything it says?  Does this device actually work well? Find out after the jump.

My first impression of the Kinect whilst sitting in front of my computer watching an E3 video was “Wow, a Wii rip off.” I have eventually came to find that it is actually something completely different from new videos being posted. My thoughts of a Wii rip off turned into “Wow, something like the Wii that I am going to play for a month and put in a box.

My first unboxing of Kinect (horrible name by the way) was on black friday. I was camping (nuff said). I brought my Xbox along (nuff said) for the very reason of getting Kinected (see what I did there?). My RV is very small, so my first experience was not a good one.

I eventually moved my Kinect to a large tent like structure where all my friends and family were, Kinected (^^) all the wires and showed off my shiny black thing. At first everyone was oohing and aahing at the funcionality. I too was surprised at how well it worked considering I was in a cold, dark, wet tent. I popped Kinect Adventures in and started up right away.

The first game I played was the river rafting. Oh what fun I had swaying side to side and jumping up and down just to get silly coins with the letter A on them. After I was tired, I let my 4 year old nephew and his 3 year old friend play. The Kinect had no problem picking the both of them up, other than the character models on the screen continuously bending down. But a little re-calibrating fixed that problem.

Overall, Kinect is a revolutionary piece of hardware that actually works. Let’s just see what some talented developers can do with this, and hope that it does not turn into the Wii of shovelware.

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