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How IRL Experiences Can Ruin a Game

In a sense, games are experiences. We get pleasure out of them. Games are sometimes short, sometimes long pieces of interesting story or just plain fun. Real life environments and experiences can greatly affect a game, just as the people sitting beside you in a movie theater or the kids sitting behind you in a plane ride can completely ruin your day. In this article I will explain how every day experiences can completely ruin even the best of games. Click the jump to read more.

Let’s say it’s 3 days before Mass Effect 3 comes out. You are super excited. Everything has been hyped to the max! You are listening to a podcast that is talking about ME3 and all of a sudden they let out a big story plot twist. The podcast then proceeds to tell the listeners ALL about the game, you don’t want to stop listening because you want to know if the game is going to be good or not.

When you pick up ME3 on day one, you pop the disc in and start playing. You begin to realize that the game is exactly as the podcast described. You progress through the story knowing the plot twist and becoming unsurprised when the event happens. When you are finished with the game you are left with just a moderate experience from a great game (I am no way predicting what the game is going to be like…although it is going to be pretty great).

There are many things that can happen in your life that can just completely sh*t on experiences. Some game almost require certain aspects of environment to give you the full experience. For example, scary games somewhat require a dreary and dark place for you to play them in, as do scary movies. If you do not play the scary game in a scary environment, then the game isn’t very scary.

A few months back, a little game called Enslaved came out (you may have hear of it). Enslaved was not a day one purchase for me. I have heard such great things about the game and eventually bought it on impulse. I was so pumped for the game that all of the game’s flaws basically presented themselves to me. I couldn’t stand the game and sold it. So many people are disappointed by games just because of hype. I am not saying Enslaved is a bad game, I am just saying that my experience with the game was not good.

Things such as religion, views of life and human nature, and other feelings can surely affect their experiences with good games.

So, next time you play a game and mark it as a bad one, just think, is it really bad? Or is your life interfering?

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