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Weekly Recap

June 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Part of my duties as the News Director for Games In A Nutshell is to recap everything that all my fellow writers and I have talked about this past week, so here goes nothing.

Last Monday was a big day, with a lot happening on the site. We kicked off the day with our very first giveaway winner. The contest was the first person to make Josh laugh wins and EvenK93 accomplished that goal and won himself an Uncharted 2 beta key. Brian then reviewed Red Faction: Guerilla, giving it a stellar score of 9 out of 10. After that, we welcomed Nuclear Ninja to our family where he continued on to write about the possible new console coming out in unison with Project Natal.

A couple days later, Brian educated us about the downloadable content coming out for Fallout 3 entitled Point Lookout. Shortly after that three of our writers discussed their favorite game and announcement of E3. Next, Josh informed us about the exclusive pre-order only playable character, Sergeant Johnson, in the upcoming Halo 3: ODST. I then continued on the write about all of the new changes in Assassin’s Creed II and the hype surrounding the game. We then announced our Official G.I.N. Grifball Tournament where you can battle it out against none other than our staff (If you are interested in signing up email with the gamertags of the people participating). Subsequently, Josh released some info on Hitman: Blood Money being free on Gametap. I then previewed Bioshock 2 with it’s new gameplay involving Big Daddies, Little Sisters, and the all-new infamous Big Sister. After that, I reported on the more less-known game Singularity, where you can control the personal timelines of the things around you. Finally Brian wrapped up the week with his article about how music can basically make or break and games and then subsequently followed up with an article about the new Brutal Legend game from the mind of Tim Schafer.

All in all this was an exciting and news-packed week for all of us here at Games In A Nutshell and we hope you’ve enjoyed everything that you’ve read. Either way, we’d love to here from you with any comments, suggestions, complements, or even, dare I say it, complaints. You can contact me at, Josh at, Jordan at, or Brian at Until next week, remember, anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of.


Bioshock 2

June 19, 2009 2 comments

I suggest watching this first because it’ll get you all antsy. 😉

  • After the conclusion of the first Bioshock, Rapture was left in ruins. The splicers were trapped and forced to fight savagely over the disappearing supply of Adam remaining in the underwater utopia. The Big Daddies wandered through the ruined place fruitlessly searching for the little sisters that had been destroyed or saved from the wretched place (depending on how you played the game and the ending you got). Then everything changed, she made her long awaited return to Rapture; the Big Sister. With her she brought her little ones and Adam is flowing through their veins. There’s no need to attack these “innocent” little girls anymore; however, because you’re part of the family now; you’re a Big Daddy.
  • Ten years have passed since you were last in Rapture and you play the first Big Daddy prototype. Unlike in the first installment where Big Daddies were slavishly ordered around by their little sisters, you have a choice and you can make your own decisions. You might say, well I got to play as a Big Daddy in Bioshock 1 and it wasn’t all that, and you’d be right. This time around; however, you’re the real deal, drill, rivot gun, and plasmids all within your control. The drill replaces the wrench from the previous games as you primary tool for melee attacks. This weapon; however, is much more powerful and only has the one setback of the drill overheating after certain amount of continuous use. Plasmids have evolved in the ten years that you were gone. Now, instead of just upgrading the power and range of the plasmids, the plasmid itself is changed. For example, the first stage incinerate plasmid stays the same as before, then the second stage of the sizzling plasmid changes from lighting enemies on fire to shooting fire balls at them, and finally in the third stage, your hand is transformed into a flamethrower to easily scorch all those who oppose you. Plasmids have also evolved in the light of option of plasmid combination. In the original Bioshock the cyclone plasmid was very weak and basically useless for it only threw enemies into the air; but, when the cyclone and incinerate plasmids are combined, it makes for a deadly booby trap, sending enemies flying into the air whilst on fire.
  • No matter what weapons you use or how powerful your plasmids are, Big Daddies are nothing without their Little Sister and vise versa. The lacking interaction with little sisters in either rescuing or harvesting them has had a major overhaul. The harvest option still remains as a choice but it wouldn’t make sense to harvest a little sister that only has a small amount of Adam and if “you have a heart” you know you’ll rescue them, or adopt as it is called in Bioshock 2. The adopt option allows you to use the Little Sister to lead you to Adam so she can harvest while you protect her from enemies trying to get the Adam all for themselves. Once she has completed getting all of the Adam from the “angel”, as the Little Sisters call them, she will give you a portion of it and hop back onto your back.
  • You may be thinking that you’re basically an unstoppable force that can’t be defeated; that’s where you’re wrong. There is someone more powerful than you in Rapture, and that is the Big Sister. She is an extremely quick and agile opponent who has metal-plated reinforced suit just as you do. Where did this strange woman come from you say, well The Big Sister was in fact a Little Sister ten years ago and she’s back to set things straight. She has an Adam needle implanted into her arm that sends the Adam she collects directly into her bloodstream; this creates for more powerful plasmids than ever seen before.
  • A huge complaint from Bioshock 1 was the lack of multiplayer integration, but this won’t be the case in the second game. The multiplayer in Bioshock 2 takes place one year before the start of the first Bioshock. The story behind the multiplayer is that the company, Sinclair Solutions, is using ordinary citizens to test their new plasmids and weapons to find the best of the best for use as home security. The civil war that is going on during the time gives the motivation for the citizens to go to war against their fellow residents. The multiplayer would be empty without Big Daddies, so Big Daddy suits can be found in the world and equipped. This makes you a force to be reckoned with, but also a bigger target. Finally, the two modes that have been released are Survival of the Fittest where, every man fends for himself, and Civil War, where two opposing forces go against each other.
  • This game is planned to be released on November 3, 2009 and will be available on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.
Bioshock 2 gameplay:

Assassin’s Creed II

June 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Before Words
Ubisoft had a terrific lineup at E3 this year including two of my most anticipated games, Assassin’s Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction. Obviously, since I have a picture of the Assassin’s Creed II cover art I’m going to be talking about said game.

A Change In Setting

The 12th century Holy Lands are now out of the picture in this installment. The games opens in 1476, the setting now being Renaissance Italy. What an odd time period to choose Ubisoft you say, well shut up and I’ll tell you why you’re stupid. First off, the compact nature of the Italian city-states make for an entirely new world to explore. The interconnected system of waterways in Venice make for a stunning backdrop and a great aid in assassination. The architectural marvels of Florence serve as beautiful and useful way to run, leap, and escape from your enemies. Unlike the first game, these city-states are not connected by empty wilderness but they are seamlessly linked together. So there you go, now you look stupid for thinking it was dumb for a game to be set in the Renaissance.

A Change In Character

This time around your old bff Altair is long gone and has been replaced by Ezio Auditore de Firenze (someone went a little bit overboard on the name), a Florence Nobleman. Ezio and Altair are linked in their ancestry, but their lifestyles are worlds apart. Ezio has grown up in life of privilege, educated in swordplay, poetry, art, and even seduction and charm. This provides for a quick and witty character unlike Altair. Ezio’s family is like much of the nobility of the time, with alliances with other houses and endless competition to one-up others. We’ll have to wait until the game comes out; however, to find out how such a distinguished nobleman is transformed into a cold-blooded assassin.

A Change In Gameplay

One of the great things about Ubisoft is that they actually listen to the gamer. There were many complaints after Assassin’s Creed I and they took the criticisms and built off of them. Assassin’s Creed II completely abandons the idea of the very simplistic get mission from the bureau, investigate target, assassinate target, and escape back to bureau game structure. Instead, an expansive network of contacts, that provide hints to Ezio, move him into cites, out into the countryside, and through ever-changing objectives. The more laid-back missions such as eavesdropping and pick-pocketing are now gone and replaced by more active missions like chasing characters through crowded streets which, in many cases, leads to a seamless transition into a race through the countryside. The game is planned to have around two hundred missions total.
Free running paths have been implicated into Assassin’s Creed II and are marked with a white flag to more easily escape from Ezio’s enemies. Another new feature is crowd blending. In the first game, blending was mostly useless because you could only blend with the monks, which you encountered practically never. Now for the second game, Ezio can blend with any crowd, which allows for new tactics of escape. Yet another new implication is notoriety. As Ezio assassinates and causes havoc in the city-states the people and soldiers will respond by becoming more suspicious of him. This will also allow for more missions for Ezio to complete, such as assassinating witnesses of crimes and taking down posters of himself. The biggest innovation would probably be with the combat. A new disarm feature has been added to the game which allows Ezio to use his enemy’s own weapon against him. Furthermore, each of the weapons that can be stolen all have their own unique special move. Finally, one of the most simplistic but most bad ass innovations is the use of two hidden blades. Now two targets can be assassinated at the same time in one go, just as stealthy as before, enough said.

After Words
As you can tell I’m pretty freaking excited for Assassin’s Creed II. Everything about the game seems pretty much epic and even better than before. This game is planned to hit selves in the fourth quarter of 2009 so make sure to keep an eye out and pick this game up when it comes out. To check out the E3 Assassin’s Creed II video follow the link below.

G.I.N Best of E3

June 18, 2009 Leave a comment

E3 has come and gone, so the G.I.N staff have put together their favorite games and conference for you to see.

First up is me. My favorite game coming out of E3 is Sony’s MAG, or Massive Action Game. The sheer size of this game is enough to get me excited, not to mention no lag, and features such as a communication block that actually makes the opposing team not able to speak to each other for a certain amount of time. 256 players, no lag and, plenty game modes, makes MAG, undoubtedly, my game of the show. I also think that Microsoft’s press conference was the best overall with games, technology, and the best presentation ever out of a company at E3. They showed game after game after game, and revealed, probably the best thing that came out of E3, Project: Natal.

Now, Jordan The Hobo

As someone who watched all of he major press conference and extended coverage on E3 it may become a surprise as to the game I pick. But my favorite game of E3 is . . . .Scribblenauts. What the F you say is that. Well shut up while I tell you. Scribblenauts is a Nintendo DS game coming later this year by the developer 5th cell. The basic concept is that you can type or write just about any noun you can think of to achieve an objective. Whether it be to solve a puzzle or chop down a tree. I know it sounds lame when I say it but don’t take my word for it. Go to youtube and look up some previews from E3. And for all of you that are too lazy I did the work for you. As for the conferences, I have to go with Microsoft just by a hair. With their showing of Metal Gear: Rising as well as project Natal. It shows that is really trying to change the way games are played and not just a gimmick like the Wii.

Next up, Brian.

E3 is a while back but we never covered it so I’m just going to announce my favorite game and favorite conference. Well my favorite game was of course Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 because 1. I love Cod 4 2. It looked great, graphics are good and gameplay looked sweet. The Microsoft conference was of course the best with the announcement of project Natal which had my mouth hanging open in anticipation. The complexity of the camera and it’s recognition abilities is amazing. Also a lot of exciting games were announced and I’m quite excited for this years games.

E3 Never Happened…

June 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Since we were caught up in other things, and not paying attention, we were a little late to reporting on E3, and it’s too late to do it now because there is just soo much stuff thats coming out. So, because of that we are just going to pretend that E3 never actually happened, we will just report on some really cool things that just so happened to come out of a period of a couple days. So if you’re reading this, thanks for sticking with us, we’ll have the big news for you sooner or later.

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