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Halo: Reach Beta Impressions

May 6, 2010 4 comments

Everyone was super hyped about the Halo: Reach Beta, and it is a game from Bungie, so that comes naturally. I was not riding the hype train because if it did not play well in the end, I would have been with all the other anti-Halo people in saying that it completely sucks. My strategy paid off. Halo: Reach is Halo 3, no doubt. It feels like Halo 3, it looks like Halo 3, it even sounds like Halo 3. I’m not saying that it is a totally bad thing by any means, Halo 3 was a good game but Halo: Reach is just more of the same. Sure there is new weapons and abilities, but armor lock absolutely sucks during any game mode without vehicles. Sprint is only for oddball, even though you can’t even sprint with the oddball. Cloak sucks. And the jetpack is mainly what everyone uses. This game uses a point system to have you unlock armor pieces such as a helmet, shoulders, or a chest, but they really don’t do much other than make your spartan look slightly different. The game modes in the beta are the worst part of Halo, in my opinion. Oddball, CTF, and 4v4 Team Slayer are all you can play. I can’t wait till they get Invasion in, I like the big team playlists where you can actually work as a team. I have spent most of my beta time not wearing a headset for the plain and simple fact that the Halo community are full of racist douche-bags. Every time I go on, I hear some profanity out of some 1o year old’s mouth. What are parents teaching their kids these days? I am good at the game, don’t get me wrong (I usually get the highest kills or dominate in Oddball), but it’s just not that fun. Bungie could of also done a better job making it look different. Sure the new weapons look cooler and feel slightly different but whenever I look at the level design I always say to myself, “This could be in Halo 3.” Overall I like the fact that Bungie is trying something different with class based gameplay, even though it’s not really class based, but I think they just aren’t trying hard enough. I would like to see the single player and see how that pans out but this is probably not going to be my top multiplayer game of the year.


Birth Of A Spartan; Halo: Reach Trailer

April 28, 2010 21 comments

I found this video via newsletter that we receive and I think it looks very cool. If they can do this, they can definitely make a Halo movie.

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Halo Reach Info this week?

Just a few hours ago Bungie posted this photo on their twitter account along with the description ” Just got this mysterious image and word that something big is dropping this week?!”. Is this some sort of cruel early April fools joke or a hint at some new info on Halo:Reach? Keep checking the site to see what happens.

Help Haiti By Playing Halo!

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Well most of you have probably heard about the earthquake devestating the Island of Haiti recently. I thought it would be a good idea to show some ways to help support and donate to the relief and rescue efforts. Bungie just recently posted a blog on how you can help donate. CLICK HERE TO SEE POST.

I know I will be showing my support and also playing some Halo on the 20-21 of this month so feel free to join me or donate if u can.

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Halo 3: ODST Review

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Halo 3 ODST was not as hyped as Halo 3, it did not have a huge luanch event or a helmet packed in with the special edition. Most of all, some people didn’t even think the game was going to be any good, boy were they wrong.

When you first drop into ODST you experience a little prelude text movie, I have to admit it was not all that great, it made me feel like I was 5, because of all the simple words. But as you get into the main menu screen, you see It is very similar to Halo 3, well of course. The other menus are a lot sleeker, and the games load a heck of a lot faster. There is not much customization that you can do with your character, other than taking their helmet off, and that looks pretty dumb. OK, so into the game. You are introduced with a cutscene where the ODSTs are about to drop into New Mombasa to take over a covenant ship. This game takes place in the events of Halo 2, by the way. As they drop, regret jumps into slipspace, causing an explosion that makes the drop pods go off course, but does not kill everyone. Your drop pod gets stuck in some debris and the tutorial begins, when you finish you jump don into the street, and, you take fall damage! Yes, that is new, so you can’t just jump from 200 yards and not have your legs cave in from under you. Your health is also extremely low, so, when your main health bar gets low, you better run for cover and wait for your “stamina” to recharge. Back to the game; Your first impression is, “Wow, it’s really dark,” until you turn on your VISR. Your VISR is basically your night vision, it puts orange lines around geometry, red lines around enemies, green around frindlies, and lights up objects of interest which you have to find to find out what happened to your squad. The new weapons are extremely effective, and you are never going to want to put them down, but they do run out of ammo pretty quickly. As you first encounter the super intendent you receive uplinks to the city’s navigation (that means you get a fancy world map) where you can place markers to follow. So as you find the objects of interests, or beacons, you trigger a cutscene and then a mission; where you play as one of your squad mates to find out what happened to them. When you get into the mission, it is light outside, which means the game takes place all in one day. The graphics are a bit more refined than Halo 3, and the AI has definitely been improved. The one new enemy is the engineer which is a pain in the but. You don’t get to see Elites (well there are some dead ones, but still). The story is pretty interesting and the characters are funny and you will love them till the end. Firefight is the big purple gorilla in this bundle. Sure it also comes with the Halo 3 multiplayer, and that’s cool at the very least. But firefight is a huge step forward. It basically works like this: There are 5 waves in a round and 3 rounds in a set, if you finish the set, you continue on a different map. Between waves, sets and rounds, there are weapon drops and bonus rounds. The bonus rounds are just tons of grunts pouring in and you have to kill every one that you can (did I mention all the skulls are on). Speaking of skulls, as you progress there are different skulls that turn on to make everything harder. Bottom line; firefight is the new horde.

With everything ODST has to offer I say it’s defiantly worth the sixty dollar price point. And with the new features, modes, and campaign, ODST gets a…9.5 out of 10

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ODST: First Ten Minutes

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

No this is not a Live Play, I will do one of those for firefight. This is just my impression of the first ten minutes of the game.

The first thing you realize is that you walk slower and you jump slightly less high. This is obvious because you are not a super awesome spartan. When you first enter the “Hub World”, everything is dark, therefore you have to use your visor. The visor is pretty cool and very useful. The visor puts orange lines around geometry, green lines around friendlies, and red line around enemies, it also lights things up a bit so it isn’t so dark. You start out with the silenced SMG and the silenced mag. The SMG is alot more powerful than th older versions, and the pistol is back to it’s Halo 1 days where it’s basically a cannon in your hand. All the weapons have kickback, so you will have to fire in short accurate bursts, well, you should be doing that anyway. Then finnally, at the last part of the first ten minutes there is the Super Intendent. The SI helps you through your merry way along the huge mege city, he goves you hints to where things are, and every now and then you wll see signs that say: Go This Way or have an arow pointing to the side. Another cool thing it the squad system. The squad system is basicallly this: the enemies are program into squads, which patrol the area every now and then, so you wont be fighting covenant in the same area twice, or, at least, in that same exeact area.
Overall the first ten minutes are a great introduction to the game, the cutscene is awesome and the training part is helpful and well integrated. I cannot give a score based on just this segment, but expect a review up soon, as well as the firefight Live Play.

G.I.N Official Halo 3 Griffball Tournament!

June 19, 2009 1 comment

Many Halo fans out there know what Griffball is, right? Well, whether you know about it (which you should) or you don’t, we are having a tournament. It will be a 4v4, standard map and rules apply. Sign-ups start now through next week Friday (that’s the 26th of June). All you have to do is send an email to or post in the comments here the Gamertags of your team. Remember, 4 people in a team, you may also have a runner up if one person can’t make it. There will be no specific time to play your matches, just a time period, and you and you opponent will have to work out the rest. Once I get all the entry’s in, I will put up a post that explains more on the 26th. If you can work your way to the top, you will be challenged against my Griffball team, if you win then you win something cool (we still haven’t figured out what, it’s just going to be cool). If you don’t win, you’ll still get something cool, but you will have the pity of losing to my team. Good Luck.

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