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So You Think You’re a Game Geek?

April 14, 2010 1 comment

Chances are you’re pretty clued up on what’s going on in the gaming community.  You’ve probably been brought up on video games.  Some of you may even have played E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on the Atari 2600 – although more people have walked on the moon than actually played that title.

But just how game geeky are you? Here’s a test, more of a two in one actually. You first have to consider whether you have ever played the theme song from Cannon Fodder using nothing more than game controllers? Unless you are part of Press Play on Tape – that’s probably a ‘no’.

Secondly, how well do you know your games? Shall we find out? Accompanied by a gaming geek song? Great! Then let us begin….. just see how many games and popular culture references you can name from the following video from the aforementioned PressPlayOnTape.

The full list of games and movies can be found on the YouTube source.

Peas and loaves people!

I’ve been David, and you’ve been awesome.


First Person Tetris

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a spin on one of the most addictive video games of all time, Tetris. First Person Tetris is just basic NES Tetris with one very interesting twist. Whenever you rotate a piece your screen rotates with it. So if I decide I want a line piece horizontal as I rotate the piece my screen will rotate, so now it’s on it’s side. It doesn’t directly affect the game itself but it makes it so much more challenging especially when the game speeds up. It’s definetly worth checking out here, not only is it nostalgic, it’s addictive.

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Overview of the Strategy Genre

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The very first Strategy game was created in 1992 by by a couple of geeks named Louis Castle and Brett Sperry. Their studio was named Westwood Studios. The game was called Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis.The game has up to six players, select a race, build a stronghold and attack your opponents for resources and power. Since then Strategy games evolved into more complex and fun games. Games such as Starcraft, Warcraft, and Civilization, were the games that finally defined strategy as a Genre. Finally strategy games moved out of the turn based ways and evolved into, what we call now, an RTS. The RTS had no turn just you rushing your opponents with as much units as you possibly can. Strategy games now are considered hardcore games, and not easy for a casual gamer to pick up and play. But now games like Halo Wars and Civ. Rev, are made for easy console play. This has been the first of many posts for strategy day, stay tuned for more opinions and retro reviews.

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WiiWare and Virtual Console: Gradius Rebirth, and Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

March 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Out this week for WiiWare and the Virtual Console on the Wii. Both are side-scrollers, but Gradius rebirth is a shoot em’ up, and Alex Kidd is a platformer.

Gradius Rebirth(made by Konami) will be 1000 points or $10.The game features two modes: a standard game with unlimited credits and a Score Attack mode where players are only given a single credit to beat the game. Score Attack also supports online leaderboards.The game features 5 different types of ships to choose from, and five stages in total, with each (except the first stage) having its own original boss at the end.
Gradius Rebirth plays very similarly to Gradius Galaxies. The game features enemies and artwork similar to previous titles. The power meter and text display have also been updated. The music was composed by Manabu Namaki and consists of remixed music from previous Gradius games.

Alex Kidd:The lost Stars(by SEGA) will also be 1000 points or $10. Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars features Alex Kidd and Stella searching for the twelve Zodiac signs.The game uses recycled stages, making the player go through all the stages again with increased difficulty, with bonuses in different positions.

These games do not interest me due to the fact that they are on the Wii and they are retro type games.