Battlefield Bad Company 2

Vehicle Guides

Due to the success of the Class Guides I’ve decide to make some vehicle guides for Battlefield Bad Company 2. These will be split into two guides in total: a land vehicle guide and an aircraft guide.  I’ve decided not to include the two water vehicles due to their lack of presence within the game.

This first guide will cover all types of land vehicles: tanks, jeeps, ATVs etc.

Land Vehicle Tanks

Heavy Tanks: The M1A2 is the standard American battle tank, it features a 120mm main gun as well as a 50. cal machine gun on top. The T90R is the Russian’s answer to the M1A2 with a slightly more powerful main gun and top mounted HMG. These tanks have the sole purpose of leading the team to battle and taking out anything that stands in their way. Their main gun is very powerful and can destroy light tanks in about 2-3 rounds, however it takes quite awhile to reload and is not suited to taking out pesky engineers or C4 carrying snipers as they rush towards the tank making the HMG on top essential for defence.

Light Tanks: M3-A3 Bradley is the US light tank. It features 30mm chain gun, a 50. cal on top and two side machine guns manned by 4 people (1 driver, 3 gunners). The BMD-3 is essentially a Russian version of the Bradley however it’s sister model the BMD-3 Bakhcha is fitted with an AA gun controlled by the gunner and a grenade launcher controlled by the driver. These light tanks are defiantly more suited to anti-infantry work than anti-vehicle work (with the exception of the Bakhacha). While they can do quite a bit of damage, especially if you have the alternate fire ( a TOW missile), to vehicles their armour just isn’t up to the job compared with a heavy tank. Also the the machine guns outnumber the anti-vehicle gun 3-1. The Bakhacha can only really be used against infantry and aircraft as the AA gun is useless against armour and the grenades don’t do much either.

Light Vehicles: While often under appreciated light vehicles fulfil the vital role of fast troop deployment and flanking on the battlefield. There are many different kinds, for example the jeeps: The Cobra, the Vodnik and the HUMVEE. Each carries 4 people and features a HMG on the roof as well as nippy handling and high top speeds however lack armour or any form of heavy weaponry. These should mainly be used to get you to and from places quickly however they can be used against infantry. Amongst the light vehicles is also a quad bike, it carries 2 people and as well as being extremely fast can get through the tightest spaces. It is completely useless against other vehicles and most infantry as there is no cover for the driver or passenger.

10 Top Tips

  1. (All) Always have an engineer as one of your crew. That means if you get hit you can quickly get repaired quickly and stay alive.
  2. (All) Remember vehicle specs stack up. What this means is that if your gunner has the increase armour spec equipped and you have the increased warhead damage equipped the vehicle you are in will feel the benefits of both. So if you are playing with a squad organise your vehicle specs and create an unstoppable lump of solid metal on the battlefield, especially when you’ve got your entire squad in a four man APC.
  3. (All) Of course you should always be aware of other vehicles but also be wary of infantry. Not only are they sometimes very hard to spot but are just as capable of taking you out as tanks are.
  4. (All) Watch the road in front of you for mines and C4. They can be hard to spot but are normally placed at the entrances to bases and as long as you take it just a tiny bit slower you should able to see them.
  5. (All) Take your vehicle where it is needed; to cover team-mates, take secure flags or protect M-Com stations.
  6. (Tanks) Keep a low profile by turning you body so that the front of your tank this facing the enemy, not only is this the most heavily armoured part of the vehicle but it give the enemy less to aim at.
  7. (All) Don’t stary in the same place for too long, it’s more than likely that someone will be calling in a mortar strike on you and if it catches you unaware it will destroy whatever vehicle you’re in.
  8. (All) You here that bleeping noise?  That’s a rocket flying towards you, get out of the way, now.
  9. (Light vehicles) Don’t play chicken with a tank, you will not win. I’ve seen people often in jeeps and ATVs try and drive past a tank but almost always the tank will end up on top. Remember guys light vehicles are pretty fast but can’t outrun a tank round.
  10. (Bakhacha) Your main AA gun is called an AA gun for a reason, it is pretty useless against anything else so don’t bother trying.

That’s G.I.N’s guide to land vehicles in Battlefield Bad Company 2 also check out my our other vehicle guide about aircraft in BFBC2.

This is the second and final vehicle guide for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it’s all about those flying things in the sky, so everybody GET TO THE CHOPPA!

Aircraft Types

Attack Helicopters:  AH64 Apache and MI-28 Havoc. These helicopters have two seats; one for the pilot, the other for the gunner. The pilot has access to anti-tank missiles and the gunner can fire a single 30mm chain gun placed underneath the helicopter. These vehicles are designed for offensive purposes such as destroying tanks and taking out gun emplacements.

Support Helicopters: MI-24 Hind and UH60 Blackhawk. The Blackhawk has a crew of 5, with two M134 Mini guns and open sides to allow the two other passengers to shoot out of.  The Hind has a crew of 4 with one gunner controlling an under-belly chain gun and the other two firing out of open sides. However in both the pilot has no weapons himself. They are both designed to take out infantry while providing covering fire to your team-mates and are not as suited to the anti-vehicle role as the attack helicopters. They may also be used for troop transport.

The UAV: The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a mini-helicopter with the ability to call in hell fire missiles and fire a machine gun. It’s extremely useful for taking out snipers and damaging tanks.

10 Top Tips

  1. (Helicopters) Always, always make sure you have at least one extra crew member before taking off, otherwise you will be nowhere near as useful as you would having a gunner, especially on support helicopters which don’t have any weapons the pilot can use.
  2. (All) Make sure you know how to fly before taking off as the pilot of a full Blackhawk, just to slam it into the side of a house. Start off with the UAV, then try the support helicopters (as long as there are not too many lives at stake), then finally try your hand at attack helicopters.
  3. (All) Only stay still in the air for a few seconds maximum. Stopping in mid-air can give your gunners vital stability in order to get kills but leaves you vulnerable to tracer darts, RPGs, tanks and even snipers.
  4. (All) Use the 3rd person view to maneuver better, press up on the PS3 and 360 to do this. It will allow you to better take in your altitude and surroundings as well as letting you pull off some awesome (and probably life saving) maneuvers.
  5. (Helicopters) Make sure you have at least one engineer on board. This means that if you are taking damage you can fly to a remote location, land and repair yourself quickly.
  6. (Support helicopters) Make sure you fly more slowly and steady in order to allow you gunner to get kills. It’s no use circling around a base as your gunners will have no hope of getting kills. Instead go on attack runs. Fly through or to the side of the base in a straight line and at a steady altitude meaning your gunners won’t have to constantly adjust to make up for descending and ascending helicopter.
  7. (Attack helicopters) Go for vehicles, don’t bother with infantry, always prioritize vehicles, they are the ones you will get the most point for destroying as well as the ones most likely to kill you.
  8. (UAV) Your main role is anti-infantry and the UAV  is a great at taking out snipers. All you gotta do is find your target and nail them with your machine gun before they know what hit ‘em.
  9. (Helicopters) Equip the flare specialisation (Smoke Countermeasures Package) cancelling any tracer dart lock-ons when fired, very useful.
  10. (All) If you face an enemy chopper the first thing you should do it get above it, not only will it restrict your enemies’ view of you but will also allow your gunner(s) to blow the chopper out of the sky far more easily. With a UAV just use your machine to take the helicopter out and hope it doesn’t go over and take the station out itself.

Well that’s been the BFBC2 aircraft guide, hoped you enjoyed.

Class Guides

This is the first in 4 class guides for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Assault, Enginner, Medic, Recon. Each will feature my 5 top tips for playing with that class as well as some general information and best weapons and combinations to use.

The Assault class is your primary all rounder, he can carry a variety of assault rifles which you can equip under barrel attachments to: a grenade launcher, a smoke grenade launcher and a shotgun. You can also give out ammo to you fellow team-mates.

Best Assault Rifle

It has to be the M16, the burst fire makes it super accurate as well as having a good amount of stopping power. However this is the last weapon you unlock, before that I would suggest using the AUG. Its fully automatic but has a hight rate of fire for a weapon that is fairly accurate.

Recommended Classes

Accurate Assault: M16 or AUG w/ M1191 and 40mm Grenade Launcher. specialisations: Red Dot Sight, Magnum Ammo, Vehicle Optics

M-Com Attacker: Any weapon other than an assault rifle w/M1191 and C4. Specialstations: Improved Demolitions, Explosives Leg Pouch, Improved Warhead Package

5 Top Tips

  1. Burst fire. Just tap the trigger when firing at medium to long range, it makes you so much more accurate.
  2. Hand out ammo to you team, set it down next to people or in crowded buildings and watch the points role in.
  3. Remember selecting a weapon that is not an assault rifle in the assault class will replace your under barrel attachment with C4, perfect for destroying tanks and M-Com stations.
  4. Avoid tanks, your grenade launcher won’t do much against it’s armour and you probably end up dead. If you’ve got C4 go for it but otherwise stay away.
  5. When firing grenades compensate for gravity by aiming way above you target, grenades drop sharply compared to bullets.

Those are my tips, watch out for the next class guide, Enginner.


This is the second class guide for the enginner. He’s the guy that deals with vehicles on the battlefield; both freindly and enemy. His primary weapon is an SMG while his gadgets include an RPG, AT mines and a repair tool.

Best Weapon

The UMP is my personal favourite, it may not have the highest rate of fire but it is one of the most accurate SMGs in the game, with a scope and burst fire it can easily be used at medium range. But if you want something to take down targets a little quicker I’d go for the UZI, it has a very high rate of fire and maintains some accuracy.

Recommended Classes

Anti-Vehicle – Any SMG w/tracer dart and the M2 Carl Gusta AT (RPG). Specilisations: Improved Demolitions, Explosives Leg Pouch, any vehicle upgrade

Inflitrator – UZI w/ tracer dart and any type of RPG. Specialisations: Marksman SMG training, Ammo Hip Bandolier, Smoke Counter measure package

5 Top Tips

  1. Learn to use your tracer dart properly. Firstly lock on before you fire, to do this aim at the red square until it thickens and you get a distance reading. Also remember the warhead will go straight for the target, so if there is some terrain in the way aim around it, the tracer system will do the rest.
  2. Always fix friendly vehicles, not only will it make life a lot harder for you enemy but you will get loads of points from doing it.
  3. Place AT mines wisely, don’t put them in some random spot, place them on a main road for the best effect. Also remember it only takes 2-3 to take down a heavy tank.
  4. Your SMGs have silencers, meaning they can be useful when trying to work your way to an M-Com station and not relying on your knife.
  5. When trying to plant a tracer on a helicopter wait for when it pauses or comes in close to the ground. Its next to ipossible to trace one from a long distance so don’t bother.

There is my advice for the Engineer class, the next guide is for the Medic.

This is the third BFBC2 guide for the Medic. The Medic is easily the most important member of the team and most often the top player. His primary weapon is an LMG and he comes complete with medic packs that heal team-mates and a defibrillator that can revive downed comrades.

Best LMG

The MG36 is by far the best LMG, not only does it sport a good rate of fire and accuracy but also comes standard with a red dot sight meaning you won’t have to waste a specialisation slot one get one. An alternate may be the M60. It is a little less accurate and slower but it has far greater stopping power.

Recommend Combinations

The Doctor: Any LMG w/any pistol, defib pack  and medic kit. Specialisations: Medic Kit Improved Heal, Medic Kit Improved Range, Any Vehicles Package

Gunner: MG36 W/any pistol, defib pack and medic kit. Specialisations: Marksman LMG Training, Ammo Bandolier, Any Aehicle Package

5 Top Tips

  1. Keep and eye out on your mini-map for downed team-mates or ones in need of healing, that’s the way to be best on your team.
  2. When using the LMG fire only in bursts and while stationary, otherwise you won’t hit much.
  3. Place medic packs at gun emplacements or next to snipers. Even though it may not be needed that moment, odds are it will be eventually.
  4. Do your best to get to downed team-mates but don’t run out into the open right in the path of an enemy tank. Be smart and choose when it isn’t worth it.
  5. You can kill enemies with your defibrillator, very useful if you get caught while reviving team-mates.

 Thats this class guide finished, look out for the next one, Recon.

This is the final guide for BFBC2, it will cover the sniper or the recon class as it is called in the game. Recon is you long range class, the primary weapon is a sniper rifle however you also have C4 or a mortar designator. This class can therefore be used against infantry or vehicles however it is more geared towards taking out infantry.

Best Sniper Rifle

The M95 without a doubt is the best bold-action rifle in the game, it has unrivaled stopping power and nearly double the range of the M24 sniper rifle. However if you haven’t unlocked it I’d go for the GOL or M24 which are essentially powered down versions of the M95 but are quicker to unlock. There is also a range of semi-automatic snipers but they tend to be more effective at medium range.

Recommended  Combinations

Long Range King: M95 w/ M1191 and mortar designator. Specifications: 12x High Power Scope, Magnum Ammo, Vehicle Optics Package

Medium Range Sniper: Any semi-auto sniper w/M1191 and C4. Specifications: Red Dot Sight, Magnum Ammo, Any Weapons Package

5 Top Tips

  1. Compensate for gravity, the bullet will drop when fired at long range, aim above you target to get good headshots.
  2. “Spot” enemies. when aiming at an enemy press Select (PS3) or Down (Xbox 360) to spot them. This puts an orange arrow above them and puts them on your team-mates’ mini-map. Not only is it useful for letting your team-mates know where enemies are but you get points if your team-mates kill someone you spotted. It’s also a great way of keeping track of enemies yourself.
  3. You’ve got a pistol too, get down to the enemy base and plant some C4 on those M-Com stations.
  4. After every kill change position. After someone has been killed they get a screen of  their killer, and that means they’ll most likely be able to tell where you are. So in order  not to get shot my the guy you just killed, move around a little.
  5. If you have the mortar designator equiped use it wisely. Don’t just randomly aim it at somewhere you think enemies might be because reload times are long. Also don’t aim it at the building your team-mates are in or at cover they may be using, if you collapse a building with team-mates in you’ll get team kills and they sure as hell won’t be happy

That’s it for the BFBC2 Class guides. Please leave comments telling me what you thought or strategies you use.

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