Forza 3

If you really want to be awesome at Forza 3 in all sections of the game, then this 3 part guide to Forza 3 will be your cup of tea. From driving the cars to selling them on the auction house, we will give you all the information and tips you need to succeed in this game. The first part of this guide will be about building up a car that is right for you and right for the track. Later, the second part will be about the aspect of racing the car itself so you don’t have to have all those pesky assists on. And last, will be making your car pretty and selling it on the auction house. After that we may have a auction house and storefront buyers guide, but if so, that will not be part of the actual guide itself.

Part 1: Building Your Car

One of the most important peices of Forza 3 is having a car that can blow away the competition. And to do that you can’t just stick with the same old stock car for the whole game, you have to upgrade. The first and most easy thing to do (which I do not recommend) is to do a quick upgrade. Here you can upgrade your car by class. Say you have a Porsche and you want to make it an S class, just go to quick upgrade, go to S class and it will upgrade your car accordingly. There are a lot of downsides to doing a quick upgrade such as: if you want a car with good handling, it may not upgrade it for that. Same thing with speed. It will probably upgrade your car all the way up the ranks of S class to 700, which is the limit of S class. Oh no, they didn’t put any spoilers on the car! Now you have to go back, put spoilers on, but then you find that you have gone over the limit of S class. So then you have to go take some other part that you may need off. This is why you should not use quick upgrade.

The first thing you should do is think about what car class you want a car to be, S class, A class, R3 class, whatever. Then you have to decide, do I want a fast car, a car that handles well, or relatively “best of both world”. (I put that in quotes because you will not really get the best, just an equal amount for each.)

Now you have to find yourself a car worth upgrading. If you want a high speed car, look for a car that has a high speed, acceleration, and launch rating and a kinda low handling rating. If you want a car with a good handling rating, find a car that has low speed and good handling and brakes. Then you have to compare it’s class. For instance, you want an A class, then you go look for a car that is a low class at the get go so you can easily modify it to you delight. Also, one last thing before I get into the categories, you have to look at what tracks you will most likely race on. If you want to do all I would go for both a fast and easy to handle car. Short tracks with a lot of turns call for a easy to handle car, while long tracks with big straightaways call for a fast car.

Going for Speed

You are looking into racing those long tracks with the big straights because you just want to go fast. The first thing you should do is go get yourself a car, like I said earlier, with a good speed, acceleration, and launch rating. Once you do that go into the upgrade shop. You will see all the categories like: Engine and Power, Platform and Handling, Drivetrain, Tires and Rims, and an area where you can put turbos in, swap out engines, and change you car from RWD to FWD or AWD, but that depends on the car you are upgrading. The next thing you do, since you are going toward speed, is change  your car to FWD (if you can), if not, ignore that. Go into the Engine and power section. You will see a bunch of little subsections. Go to the first one. When you go to a part you will see that your car level points will go up, that means if you want an A class car, you will have to keep withing 600 points. The basic thing that you need to know is: buy parts that will make all of your speed ratings go up. Do not just buy parts that give you the most horses or make you go the fastest, but read the part descriptions. If you want the car to excel on a certain track, then match the descriptions, if the track has short sprint straights, lean toward acceleration. If it has long straights, lean toward overall speed.

The first thing that you should install, no matter what, is racing tires, and a racing transmission. Both those things increase your car by far. Then go buy parts that will make your car more adjustable, such as a camshaft, spoilers, and a roll cage. Another vital part is weight reduction, this will help your car A LOT. After you have installed all the parts I told you to, go get other parts that will increase your speed till you reach your class limit. After you have done that, congratulations! You have a speed demon ready to race.

Going for Handling

This next bit will be short due to the fact that you already have all the info you need to prep your car. If you want a car good for short tracks with alot of turns, this is the right article. The best thing to do first is to upgrade your car to either RWD or AWD, this will make upgrading handling much easier. Next, go get spoilers, a roll cage, weight reduction, and any other parts in the Platform and Handling, and Drivetrain subsection. After you have installed all of the parts you would like, and still have not hit your class limit, then go to the Engine and Power section. Since you most likely have a RWD or AWD then upgrading the engine should not only make your speed go up, but also the handling. When you reach your class limit, you are good to go to pass those Bugattis around the turns.

Going for 50/50. Speed and Handling

If you just jumped over to this section, go back and read the previous two sections, they lay down the groundwork for this. Okay, have you read them? Good. First, get a car that has a good speed to handling ratio, the speed should only about 1.o points above the handling and breaking. Now that you know what to do about speed and handling, install all of the vital parts I was talking about. Once you do that you should have a good base. If the handling to speed ratio has gone down, install some parts that make the handling go up. Lastly, alternate between speed and handling parts until you reach your class limit. By the way, the recommended drivetrain loadout is either RWD or AWD. With this, you should hold your own on any track that you encounter, but watch out for those specialty cars like Corvettes or Peugeots.

That was the first part of the 3 part Forza 3 guide. If you want some more help or just want to race me, my email is and my gamertag is Corgon67.

If you want to get into a racing community and play with a bunch of cool people as well as me, go here. There are frequent tournaments, races, and discussions. You may have to join the forums to sign up for the tournaments and races though.

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