Joshua “Corgon67” Retief

Hi my name is, obviously, Joshua. I was born in South Africa and raised in the U.S.A. My interest in video games started when I got a Gamecube for my birthday one year. The first game I got was Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. When I started playing that game I knew that gaming would be my passion.

What got me int0 hardcore gaming was when I finally connected my Xbox 360 to Xbox Live, it was like a whole new world to me. I could now play multiplayer, meet new people and not have to play the single player mode of Halo anymore. I game usually whenever I can. I spend a lot of time in school and working around the RV park my dad owns. I have influenced most of my friends to get into gaming, but they are not as passionate as I am.

Back when I was not hooked up to the internet, I spent a lot of time listening to gaming related podcasts and reading editorials and news posts on blogs. Then it hit me, I should write too and share my opinions and knowledge with the rest of the people that share my interests. So I started up Avid Teen Gamer with Ryan Teon. I subsequently fired Ryan due to his laziness and picked up Jordan. We then renamed Avid Teen Gamer to Games In A Nutshell and proceeded to recruit writers. The first was Joey Davis. He proved his worth with his amazing writing talent. Then came Brian, Jonny, Patrick, Callum and now TheStonedSheep, Eao, and Big But. People come and go, but the benefit of this is that we end up with a talented team, and great people

I had big expectations for the blog and knew we needed some change. That is when I asked Stoned Sheep to merge sites, and we did. I transferred the Blogger blog to WordPress and bought a custom domain. I now hope that this site will grow and prosper. This was a little bit of me and the history of this blog. Expect more bios in the future.

  1. Ryan Teon
    February 13, 2010 at 12:47 am

    lol, when I google searched my name this was the 3rd result.

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