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Far Cry 3 Gameplay – Burning Fields of Marijuana!

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I recently acquired Far Cry 3 and let me tell you, this game is nothing short of amazing. With an engaging story, solid gameplay, and likable characters, Far Cry 3 takes itself directly to the number 1 spot of my GOTY 2012 list.

One of Far Cry 3’s strengths is it’s pure insanity. I do believe I’ve captured that insanity in this short bit of gameplay that quickly jumped to record whilst playing. Please, enjoy.



As you can see, this game is “the shit”.


Check Out My Minecraft Server!

May 7, 2011 1 comment

Hey guys, I have been on a huge hiatus for a while and one of the main reasons is Minecraft. Yes, they life taker…awayer…

Anyway go HERE to check it out and join. I also do a Let’s Play series as well as multiple tutorials.

G.I.N Gamernights

April 5, 2010 1 comment

This is just an experimental thing but we are going to try to get to know our readers with the old fashion gamernights.  We will try to keep the gamernights every Saturday at around 8 o’ clock central standard time. This weekend the game will be Battlefield Bad Company 2. I, corgon67 will be hosting the PC side. That is all we have for now, if you would like to host the 360 or PS3 gamernight just comment in this post. Also comment to sign up. To sign up all we need is your Steam ID, Gamertag, or PSN ID. My Steam Name is -G.I.N- Corgon67, or you can probably find me under just corgon67.

UPDATE:Jordan the hobo will be having a gamer night on the 360 for BC2. I’ll most likely start it around 11pm EST. Any other suggestions for games to play? Leave a comment below

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Vinyl Fantasy 7 by Team Teamworks

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

You obviously like FFVII’s great music, and you can not help loving rap from Jay-Z, and Kool Keith. So, why not like both at the same time. Right now you can. Team Teamworks presents you with music by Nobuo Uematsu and vocals by various rappers. It’s an interesting mix that works in a way. You can find the site here at the official website. You can download the album, and donate if you want (I don’t think you will want to). There is also a Zelda album mix, and some others that you can listen to and check out.

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PS3 Motion Controller is said to have a 10 game lineup this year.

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

According to a Nikkei report the Playstation motion controller, or the “Arc” (please do not let that be the name) will have “around 10 or so games”. This is exceeding my expectations by around…10 or so. Lets just hope they are not all PS Sports games, or crappy mini game collections.

Via Joystiq

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Single Player Trailer

January 25, 2010 1 comment

I just came across this amazing trailer for Bad Company 2 that got me psyched for the game. Originally I was a bit iffy about the game when I played the multiplayer beta, but now, it’s a week…month 1 purchase.

Mass Effect 2 Pre-order Goodies

January 25, 2010 1 comment

Most of the major tech retailers are gearing up for the release of Mass Effect 2 by giving away some DLC for pre-orders. Just so you know what you want and where you want to buy from, I have made up a list of the pre-order bonuses off all the major retailers.

Gamestop: Terminus Gear-Includes 2 items-The armor itself increases run speed and your shield, and gives you a reserve clip of ammo for each weapon. The M-90 Blackstorm Heavy Weapon generates a high-powered localized gravity well, accelerating particles to near-infinite mass.

AmazonInferno Armor-Monitors and regulates sub-systems to allow for greater response times. Additionally it is able to recognize elevated heart rates and pupil movement in people close by, almost acting like a lie detector.

Best Buy-Same as Amazon

And basically everyone else-Same as Amazon.

At this point, I’d hate to say it, but I will have to pre-order with Gamestop.